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Special OEM antistress shapes

Antistress special shapes request for promotion and advertising

Ref: Stress reliever shapes

We manufacture stress relievers with standard special shapes or develop your own model through your 3d design, or from a simple drawing. MOQ 1000 pcs.

Special OEM special antistress shapes

  • Minimum order: 1000 pcs
  • Estimated production lead time: ask us
  • 2 sides full color: ask us

Custom shaped stress reliever

We manufacture anti stress fully customized articles.

Can not find the object that represents your company or not is the anti stress that reflects the main activity of your business or advertising campaign can contact us so that we value the special manufacturing its own anti stress article article.
Project your corporate image or get item perfect anti stress for promotional activity.

Manufacturing anti-stress relievers  with special shapes

The stress relievers are figures produced at source through existing molds or news molds.

They are made to order and we can offer them, customize, manufacture and deliver at the agreed time and the destination indicated.

If you do not figure antistress looking between our articles standard manufacturing, ask how we can offer him an array of products stress on stock or the ability to create new figures stress reliever with unique, special and complete developments from their ideas or designs.

Items stress can be customized with the logo or corporate image of his client. All prices are scalable depending on quantities.

Our articles are intended for sale to agencies and professionals advertising and marketing.

Consult or ask for our extensive catalog of anti stress figures varied themes for advertising, promotional and merchandising purposes.

For inquiries or quotes contact us and we will inform you in more detail on features, customization options, prices and minimum units.

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