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Biodegradable air bangsticks ecofriendly

Biodegradables air bang sticks less polluting Oxobiodegradable

Ref: Oxo Bangstick

Biodegradable bangsticks made through oxodegradable aditives to LDPE. Cheer on your favorite team without polluting the environment

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Custom biodegradable air bang sticks less polluting

Ecofriendly low-contaminating air bang sticks

Clappers raw material can be degraded in much less time thanks to biodegradable oxo additives and exposed to air and sun light.


Standard polyethylene (LDPE) takes hundreds of years to degrade itself.
They are formed by carbon molecular chains, and the union between these chains is very resistant and difficult to be broken.
After clappers using life is over, the biodegradable oxo additive breaks the molecular chains of the polymer and when it comes into contact with the air and sun light the degradation process begins. This process is accelerated with the sun light and the hot temperature that allows the degradation of the material in a few months.

Clappers made of polyethylene with oxo biodegradable additives are produced according to the established international standards.
The degradation of the material with biodegradable additives is difficult to quantify in exact terms of time since it can vary depending on the climatic conditions, but we can confirm that after being exposed to the sun light at a constant temperature, it begin to degrade in a period between 4 and 6 months, and once the process has started the material will be fragmented between 8 and 10 months.

“Because we can support our favorite team, taking care our planet”

Less aggressive plastics for the environment

Standar polyethylene (LDPE) takes hundreds of years to degrade itself.
Thanks to the Oxo biodegradable additives added to the material and its exposure to air and light, the process is accelerated achieving the degradation of the plastic in a few months.

Biodegradable air bang sticks are available in all forms

We manufacture inflatable clappers with biodegradable plastics in any of our standard forms or with new customized form as per client’s request.

Clappers with biodegradable additives are available in any form

Biodegradable air bang sticks characteristics

  • Made out of Low Dentisity Polyethylene (LDPE) with Oxo biodegradable additive.
  • It accelerates the process of the degradation of the plastic
  • Printing up to 6 color per side
  • Measurements: 100×600 mm
  • Include non-return valve

Available in differents shapes: quote under request

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