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Compostable air bang sitck ecofriendly

Compostable air bang stick 100% ecological

Ref: Compost Bangstick

Compostable bangsticks are produced with bioplastic raw material, made from patatoe fibers. This material is 100% compostable and make our planet more healthy

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Ecological compostable custom inflatable bangsticks

Our compostable air bangsticks are ecofriendly clappers

Our compostable air bang sticks are made out of ” VEGETABLE PLASTIC”, processed material from potato starch.

After its use they can be used as compost or organic fertilizer.
The material complies with the EU standard EN13432.

Our air bang sticks are 100% ecological because both, the straw for the inflation of the clappers and the individual bag are made out of recycled paper.

Clappers can be customized up to 6 colors per face in direct pantone colors.
The inks that we use are water-based, therefore they ecofriendly.

“Because advertising is not at odds with ecological awareness”

Our compostable material properties

The organic – compostable material of the clappers will begin the degradation process in a few weeks once the material has been exposed to air and / or light.

Compostable air bang sticks only available in the regular stick shape

Clappers made of compostable material are only available in the standard stick form

Compostable air bang sticks characteristics

  • Made out of potato starch
  • Straw made out of recycled paper
  • Recycled paper bag
  • Base color: Crude white
  • Printing up to 6 colors per side
  • Pantone and 4 color process printing
  • Measurements: 100x600mm
  • Includes non-return valve

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