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promotional foam lighting sticks

Custom led foam sticks

Ref: Led foam stick

Inflatable cheering stick with LED light. Different LED light colors available. Full color printing available. Perfect for Evening shows or sporting events

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Promotional Foam Lighting sticks with led light inside

Stick made of foam rubber with led light inside.

Led foam light with possibility of customizing for your promotional actions.

Ideal for night parties, sport or musical events.

Will allow you to accentuate your brand, logo, organization, institution or sponsor for popular mass events, such as sports, music, political, concerts, inaugurations, festivals or concerts among others.

In the case of Led foam sticks, these are ideal for low-light shows and evening events such as festivals, concerts, discos and nightclubs.

These LED foam sticks, inside, have an LED light that lights up and gives a great effect when moving to the rhythm of music or animation.

Luminous items in a single color or in several colors, so you can play with colors and lighting, achieving a great impact in a nighttime environment.


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