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Promotional giant FOAM hand for animation shows and events

Hands giant foam rubber or polyurethane foam FO for animation

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Regular stock of foam pointy finger (Blue, white, red) Fast delivery. Football Festival Concert Sports, esay to print with logo or message. Easy to print with logo or message. Fast delivery

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Animation hands giants for merchandising in Fun Fan Hand

Foam giant Fan hands,Big Finger Pointer Hand. Stock colors

The animation giant hands polyurethane foam FO are promotional items from our online Fun Fan Hand.
We have giant hands in stock and manufacturing and all can be customized with your corporate colors, brand, logo or promotional message.

Our animation giant hands made of foam rubber, as are customized and made to order according to needs, preferences and budget. There is a wide variety of models with different shapes and hands customization, it can be completed at one or both sides.

Giant hands custom print advertising are a fun advertising and promotional gift!

Hands made of polyurethane foam are a perfect product for mass merchandising mass events or major events. Whether in sports, music, festivals, concerts, political rallies or social movements, the effect of hundreds of giant hands fluttering among the people and the masses, creates a great visual impact, projects a dramatic effect and provides an excellent resource as a lure promotional and advertising.
Giant hands will let attract the attention of crowds and their message in an effective way!

Surprise your customers with giant hands, also known as hand animation, opend hands or the hands of victory.

We stock and workshops for customization, manufacture and sale of giant hands made of polyurethane foam rubber (FO)
Contact us to check possibilities, delivery or request more information about our merchandising giant hands Foam rubber.

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