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Red waterproof poncho with logo printed two inks

Promotional ponchos

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Promotional rain poncho as a publicity stunt has a very strong impact on the minds of your customers while projecting a very good brand image

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Rain ponchos and promotional custom raincoats

The promotional rain poncho as a publicity stunt has a very strong impact on the minds of your customers while projecting a very good brand image.

For any type of event or communication
promotional item with wide visibility of advertising message, logo or corporate brand
Product quality, practical and durable
Very short delivery deadlines even with customized labelling
Ponchos two sizes: adult and child

Range of promotional rain ponchos
We have three different models: light rain jackets, raincoats ands thick media raincoats.

Ask us the different colours of promotional rain ponchos.

Eahc poncho is packed individually in a very practical pouch that can also be customized.

Promotional ponchos are made in a special polyethylene to manufacture durable, economical and completely waterproof products.

Promotional ponchos for rain with adjustable hood


Features promotional ponchos and raincoats.

Each rain slicker model can be manufactured in two sizes, cubasquero adult, child windbreaker.

They are also available in various colors: transparent, white, yellow, blue and orange.


The original light windbreaker

The most popular rain poncho. A practical and durable article.

The unit price will vary according to the quantities requested.


The average thickness windbreaker

A balanced thickness to provide the best performance for protection from the rain.

Equally durable and comfortable than light but with thicker raincoat.
The thick windbreaker
Rain poncho thick your brand to project an image of strength, safety and security.

Packaging and promotional units ponchos
Each poncho is packed in a plastic bag customizable.

Packages of promotional rain ponchos:

  • Ponchos 100 per box for light model
  • Ponchos 50 per box for the Middle model.
  • The boxes are 36 x 28 x 25 cm with a weight of 8 Kg.

Manufacturing and materials rain ponchos.

The ponchos are made from a special polyethylene, which offers affordable, durable, comfortable and above all, completely waterproof product.

Each poncho comes with its adjustable hood.

The “Light” Original and “Medium” have 5 standard colors: transparent, white, yellow, blue and orange.

Customization, marking and printing advertising ponchos
The printing technique for rain ponchos is Flexography.

For better implementation, we propose two standard printing options:

  • a random choice: with printing plates 20 x 20 cm and fixed costs per color
  • a simple option only printing plates 25 x 25 cm and fixed costs per color
  • For custom labeling accept type files Adobe Illustrator or EPS.


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