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Fun Fan Roll custom handheld retractable banner

Retractable Banner advertising banner or hand retractable Fun Fan Roll

Ref: Fun Fan Roll

Fans roller banner, retractable flag full color customized on both sides, easy to carry pocket size, or suction cup for windows use. Patented system

  • Minimum order: 250 Uts
  • Estimated production lead time: 25 works days
  • 2 sides full color: 100% full color

Fun Fan Roll Retractable or retractable banner advertising

Retractable banner animation Fun Fan Line

Retractable or retractable banner advertising banner Fun Fan Hand Roll to promote your brand in sports, music or political events

Banner Hand Promotion and Advertising, is a new product that is very successful in the sports and mass merchandising. Roll Fan Fun is the line advertising banners, retractable banners hand Reclam Station.

The handheld retractable banners can be printed on both sides and can serve to encourage your football team or basketball your favorite sport stadiums, football fields or pavilions.

The banners are ideal for mass merchandising and great visual impact on sporting, political and musical events. Perfect as a promotional item for its innovative and excellent to spread their messages, project your brand image, highlight your logo or associate their actions to design positive values.

Due to its characteristics it is practical and easy to use for the most passionate fans, small size and weight, it is easy to store, carry and use.
More information about the characteristics of handheld retractable banners Custom Fun Fan Roll

The retractable hand advertising banners optional include suction cups to place them in the office, in the car, at home or in local storefronts and businesses.

Retractable Banner or Retractable Banner advertising for merchandising Fun Fan Roll

The handheld retractable banners have a large area of 74 x 24.5 cm or 48 x 17 cm for customization. Printing is done on flexographic and allows designs of up to 8 colors 1 or 2 sides. Each retractable banner is served in a fully folded individually and as an optional accessory bag includes 2 suction cups to extend and leave visible advertising on any flat surface.

The retractable banners are flags Roll Fun Fan retractable hand with full-color custom printing


Retractable banners to merchandising and mass spectacles

Fun Fan Roll is ideal for supporting our team in football stadiums and article. Get maximum impact to unroll the Hand Fan Banner Scrolling Banner or retractable hand.

Mass merchandising article with great visual impact

You can use your hand retractable banner repeatedly and thanks to its small size and weight, is easy to use, store and transport after each use. Ideal for the most enthusiastic fans!

Features retractable banner roll Fun Fan Roll

  • Material: laminated polyethylene
  • Automatic closing, It closes only and fits in a pocket
  • It weighs only 30 grams !!!
  • Two sizes: 48 x 17 cm and 70 x 25 cm
  • Custom wide area
  • Maximum visibility
  • Multple uses
  • Bleeds Both sides
  • Photo quality

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Fun Fan Roll retractable advertising flag by Fun Fan Line

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