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Bubble stress relievers standard shapes

Silicone sensory fidget bubble pop toy

Ref: Bubble stress standard shape

Round, heart, square, star, animal, and many other shapes available for fast delivery. Push and pop it as a stress reliever. MOQ 250 PCS. Environmentally friendly, easy to clean.

  • Minimum order: 250 pcs
  • Estimated production lead time: ask us
  • 2 sides full color: Full color logo available / pantone color
Promotional Silicone sensory fidget bubble pop relaxing it gadget

Bubble Push & Pop Fidget Sensory relaxing gadget

Silicone Sensory Fidget Bubble Pop type Standard, TRY IT!

Our sensory fidget lets you relax, de-stress, develop your kids’ abilities and, of course, have fun!
Environmentally friendly, easy to clean

Choose one of our existing shapes.
Print options as per your requests, full color logo available.

Silicone bubble sensory stress reliever use.


How can we play with silicone sensory fidget bubble pop?

Our toy bubble stress reliever silicone squeeze has a lot of advantages and different uses:
Relieve stress: It helps to restore the mood, it becomes a home essential, it is a parent-child game, it entertains autistic people and it is a game that elderly, adults and children can play.

  • Endless Fun: Just press the round bubbles, they will make a slight popping sound, then flip it and start over again! It can be reused endlessly. Compete to see who pops all the bubbles faster.
  • Fun Game: Players take turns to press as many mice as they want in a same row. Each player can press one or more pieces at a time, which must be connected. Only the same line of pieces can be pressed in every turn. The player who presses the last mouse will lose.
  • Use a fine stimulation of motor skills: It exercises children’s thinking ability, which is very interesting.
  • Develop Family relationship: After a meal, have a little entertainment and interact to enhance the relationship between parents and children. Push Pop Bubble can also cultivate children’s abilities in many aspects.


Once in your hands, nobody can resist to push and make bubbles pop!

Silicone Squeeze Toy Bubble lets you relax, de-stress, develop your kids abilities and, of course, have fun!

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