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Touch-U support for your mobile phone

Support for smartphone One Touch-U ® accessory Mobile Silicon

Ref: Touch-U

Touch-U ® is an ideal place to view content on your smart phone without having to use your hands accessory.
Will allow you to watch videos and movies on your smartphone in a more comfortable position and from a better viewing angle

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  • 2 sides full color: ask us
Touch-U silicone holder for smartphones

Touch-U ® is an original portable hands free support, designed so you can better visualise movies and videos on your mobile phone !!!

The Touch-U ® accessory is made of silicone with aluminium foil and practical and innovative design lets you put your mobile phone horizontally and on any flat surface to see contents of your videos, movies or read without holding your smartphone with your hands.

Touch-U ® smartphone as a universal accessory can be placed on any mobile device with its two ears or adhesive wings.

Touch-U ® it is an excellent promotional items useful link that will allow your company or brand with innovative trends, practices and design.

Touch-U ® as a merchandising article can also be customised with the logo or corporate colors of your company.
It can be customized using pad printing and the maximum area is 60 x 15 mm.
For less than 25,000 units amounts you can choose for your order Touch-U ® a base color from our range of standard colors and 25,000 units or higher amounts can customize the accessory for mobile with the Pantone color you choose and which best represents your corporate image or brand.

Touch-U adhesive support for smartphones

  • Product: Adhesive Support for smartphones
  • Material: Silicone + Aluminum foil + Cola 3M
  • Dimensions: 8.50 x 4.30 cm
  • Customization options: printing 1 or more colors
  • Available colors: white, pink, yellow, orange, red, maroon, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, grey and black
  • Customizing silicone Pantone colors from 25,000 units
  • Packaging: transparent individual bag. Including a personalised card with instructions
  • Case: 2000 units
  • Case Weight: 9 Kg

Instructions and support for accessory Smartphones Touch-U

  • The media is removed silicone-U Touch your bag
  • Remove the protective adhesive wings / ears of your Touch-U
  • Centra support on the back of your mobile phone
    (Once positioned and focused on your device)
  • Press the ears on the back surface of the mobile for your Touch-U is firmly fixed
  • Once set in its final position, Touch-U is ready for use
  • It presses on the central part and Touch-U will become a mobile support in the form of “U”
  • To return to its original shape press the two ends of Touch-U against the rear surface of the mobile


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