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Packaging for inflatable clappers with customized labeling

Technical characteristics of the inflatable clappers and clap sticks

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Characteristics of inflatable custom clappers

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Features of custom inflatable bangsticks

Bang stick applause or inflatable clappers, are ideal to highlight your image or logo in mass events, both sporting, political and musical sports merchandising. In addition, inflatable clappers allow the amateur to celebrate and stand out in the field and cast its promotional image in front of the television cameras and other media.

Our clappers incorporate a safety valve that prevent deflation, such as inflatable articles, clappers can be deflation to save and return to pant at other times. A level of variety and models of inflatable clappers, there are different possibilities for customization both to manufacture.

Inflatable clappers with printing ink or overall impression

Wide possibilities of marking, from printing simple logo or text to an ink to a custom full color printing


Clappers to adapt and customize any shape or color

We have a wide range of clappers and produce original shapes from predefined templates or created specifically for each customer models


Inflatable personalized clappers made of recyclable material

Our clappers and clap sticks are made of 100% recyclable material


Packaging for inflatable clappers with customized labeling

Inflatable clappers are presented in individual bags and the possibility of customizing them with logos or promotional message


Clappers individually packaged with printed instructions

On request and for manufacturing clappers, can be printed on the individual bags the instructions in several languages


Using an clapper: extract from the individual bag

To use the inflatable clapper remove it from your individual bag. In the case come the instructions can be guided by the same


Using an inflatable clapper: unroll and insert the straw

Unroll the inflatable clapper and insert the straw that is attached.


Using an inflatable clapper: blow to inflate

Inflate the clapper blowing through the straw until it is fully inflated


Using an inflatable clapper: remove the straw and save

Once inflated remove the straw and save. The special valve ensures easy inflation of the clapper and prevent deflate


Using an inflatable clapper hitting, enjoy and cheer

With swollen clapper swatting entire length of contact for maximum noise and spectacle


Using an inflatable clapper: press, deflate and save

To enter the straw desincharlo again until all the air inside is released. Save the clapper to use another time


We have a permanent stock of clappers without customizing for delivery in 24 hours, stock to customize one or more colors and factory for the manufacture and personalization of clappers and as inflatables.


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