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Custom temporary tattoo glow in the dark

Temporary tattoos Glow in the dark

Ref: Tattoo Glow in the dark

Custom Glow in the dark printed tattoos. Can be mixed with CMYK printing. Perfect for Halloween partys, night clubs, or outdoor night festival events.

  • Minimum order: ask us
  • Estimated production lead time: ask us
  • 2 sides full color: ask us

Temporary tattoos with fluorescent ink

Tattoos that glow in the dark are printed in full color with a fifth fluorescent ink and We can mix luminescent printing with offset printing.

The fluorescent ink can only be applied in translucent or white areas of your tattoo design. To make your tattoo shine, you will have to be exposed to a source of light or ultraviolet (UV)

Glows in the dark and under black light classical nightclubs.

Thanks to the tattoo that shines… all eyes will be on your advertising campaign!

When it’s dark only the glow in the dark will be shown and when not dark CMYK printing will be seen and send us your project and We manufacture it send it or FOB China

Applications of temporary tattoo that glows in the dark

Suggestions promotional use of fluorescent temporary tattoos:

  • Popular festivals, carnival, Halloween
  • Safety Campaigns
  • Night parties
  • Promotion of bars, discos
  • Promotion of alcoholic beverages.

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